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artistic intuition in life and business

On The Line Of Shot

Welcome to my project On The Line Of Shot. It combines theater art with workshops. Inspiration of this was crime drama by my friend Marek Choinacki. He is doctor of socjology. Marek inspired me with Implicit Cognition. It's special mode of our mind work. Special in that case means, that we don't relize it.
Yes, not all of our congniton is conscious.
How to work with the subconscious for our good? 

This is my new idea how to hide "corp training" in pleasent event. But, please, don't tell them - this is implicit workshop!
In my way it covers soft skills workshop, but we can do what You expect. We see performance, and works with our minds and bodies. Three types of workshops: ciminal, theatral and mind.

For details see below:

Ekipa NLS

role of unconscious information
in life, business and art

In everyday life we make decisions. We base some of them on quite reasonable conclusions, others are completely intuitive. Sometimes they are crazy and seemingly unbelievable but they prove extremely effective when those rational did not work. Why so is happening?



Let's delve into the secrets of the mind. Let's look at cognition processes and ways seeking solutions to problems. Pay attention to the role of unconscious elements and let's find out what are they.
We will discover their significance in everyday
life, professional work and creative acts.



Watching the play On the Line of Shot you will witness the work of the police. You will look into the room of a psychologist, who is visited by an experienced Commissioner. Is there also something here that cannot be explained in the usual way? What happened? What do they discover? How will it end The more questions the more better!

how does it look?

YouTube video with eng subtitles

general four steps


Act 1

For all people. We have pleasure to meet a psychologist and her patient. What's happened?



After Act 1 we're gonna to divide everyone into three groups. Each group is having one of three different worksops. It takes about an hour. Next every group is going to another workshop, and afrer finish to another. This way each of group takes part in three workshops.


Act 2

We're back to the theatre. Here we have second part of On The Line Of Shot. We can see how all works going. But after end we will not go home! We have special thing to do, so:


Alt Act

Here we are going to be art director. All together will work on alternative ending of the preformance. 

On The Line Of Shot


Intro speech
audience: all
time: apx 10 min

by Marcin Przytulski

I am the author of this event, so I have the pleasure to start it. Not too long. A brief introduction on what the Implicit Cognition is and how it matters for an event.

Act On The Line Of Shot
part nr 1
audience: all
time: 30 min.


First part of Act On The Line Of Shot. We meet lady psylologist in her office. There is policeman comming, and...

Yet I Have A Nose!
audience: 1/3 of all
time: about 1 h

by Marek Chojacki

What is implicit cognition? How do we remember? What is important for our mind to work well? How important is forgetting in the creative process?

Incident Room
audience: 1/3 of all
time: about 1 h

by Marcin Przytulski

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Teatralizaton of Live
audience: 1/3 of all
time: about 1 h

by Aleksandra Szewd 
and Marek Siudym

You are on rehearsal before the performance. The actors demonstrate different ways to play their roles. You discuss them and prepare your own version. How do we consciously and unconsciously enter into roles?

Act On The Line Of Shot
part nr 2
time: 30 min.

Conclusion? May be...

As we can see, the policeman is not an ordinary man. He has some skills that ... No, I won't tell you. But really, each of us ...

Act On The Line Of Shot
part nr 2 alternative
time: who knows?

Let's think different

It's a great moment when together we create an alternative ending to the art. We have experience of performances and workshops behind us. How else can this story end? Who is willing to play with the actors in this ending?


How does your mind work to find a solution to the problem.
What bothers and what can help?


with the actors during the rehearsal.
How can you express emotions or hide them?


mind qualities, accumulation
information and remembering them.
Do you need to know everything and maybe just feel?


at the detective protecting the traces at the scene.
Who? When? Why?


riddles working in an investigation group.
How did I come up with this?


theater art up close. Who's who and why?




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Marcin Przytulski
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